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  • Kevin Stevens



The lies we write so slick they barely touch the page. Bearing witness to the district's current

state. Creation groaning pregnant bursting with our hate.

Never giving love the room to breathe.


But we might have a chance. To reclaim our innocence.

If we light a match and set it on fire... On fire...


Could we lie together on this river bank. Watching trees give up their colors to their fate. Our

shame falls into autumn’s serenade. Barely giving love the chance to breathe.


The city that never sleeps still finds a way to be filled to the heavens with a million broken

dreams. While quiet visions wander down these hollow streets.

Never giving hope a chance to see.


Maybe the world is gonna' burn. (but) maybe our hearts are gonna' change.

Maybe the reasons that we run would be the reasons that we stay…


We'll get out past the city lights and see the fires burning out the night

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